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Prices and Packing January 2011
Option H . Case of 400 cell packs one type only.
 £ 29.10 + VAT  £ 5.80 = £ 34.90


Option H .Case of 400 cell packs mixed.
£30.10  + VAT £6.00= £36.10


20 pack
6 pack
9 pack
12 pack

6 pack

9 pack

12 pack

20 pack

Permanently linked pots in pressure-formed units. These packs will fit two into a standard seed-tray (loosely), or three into the cell-pack carry tray, but in practice no outer support is needed.

Each pack has a smart appearance with rolled down edges and two level drainage for overhead or sub-irrigation.   Cell packs are stocked in black but other colours are sometimes available to order. Standard weight cell-packs are packed 400 per case.  These packs are slotted for handles.  We offer customers up to 4 different types in one case. One row of half trays can be included as an option in a mixed case  e.g 2 rows of 6 pack(200), 1 row of 9 packs (100) and 1 row of half trays (125) is quite acceptable.

Half Trays

Half size Seed Trays

Half trays were originally designed to fit two into a standard seed- tray but many  growers use these trays without the support of any “outer”.  They have two  levels of drainage. All edges are rolled down for improved comfort and safety when handling.  Half-trays represent one of the most economical containers in which to grow many varieties of plants.

Half Tray

Prices and Packing January 2010

Option G Large . Case of 500 half trays
 £ 32.10 + VAT  £6.40= £ 36.10


Option G. Small Case of 200  Half Trays
£19.50 + VAT £3.90 = £23.40


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